Let us be your personal chef for your special event!

M&M Catering

M&M Catering is a Davos-based catering company, providing delicious and outstanding food - as well as a first class service - for all occasions. We cater mainly in the Davos-Klosters area and in East-Switzerland. For request we can travel and cater anywhere in Switzerland, Europe or worldwide.

Moni and Mario's backgrounds consist of 18 years of extensive experience with food, restaurants, hotels, catering management and marketing. Their many years of experience in the private catering world mean that they know what an important client wants and they understand their needs.

Moni and Mario met 14 years ago in the Caribbean, and soon after they started to work together as a couple in the luxury, high-end world of catering. During these years they've earned an excellent reputation for the high standard of their food and service.

While they were working as a private chef and host at various jobs, people would ask, “Why don’t you start your own business? Then you can cook for all of us!” With this in mind Moni and Mario founded the M&M Catering Company.

In 2017 we opened our restaurant - Yama Restaurant Alte Post in Davos Frauenkirch.

"We feel that with the often hectic work schedules people experience today, they don’t always have time to set up that birthday party or other special event that we all need and want. Now you can leave it to pros and get the finest, most memorable party or dinner ever." - Mario/ Moni

Mario Banko

Mario Banko is a professional chef and nutritionist, and after completing his catering studies, he started traveling around the world. This allowed him to work in some of the best restaurants in many cities and countries across the globe, including Sydney, St. Tropez, and England.
Mario studied nutrition in Denmark, England and Australia and received a diploma as a nutrition and diet advisor. Mario also earned an "Authentic Sushi and Washoku Japanese Cuisine Diploma" at the Sushi Academy in Tokyo.

As a private chef, he has cooked for the world economical elites, royalty, sports stars, leading politicians and some of the wealthiest families in Monaco, Switzerland and many other countries. During this wide-ranging experience, Mario has gained knowledge about the finest diets, gastronomical touches and the varying needs of his clients. He learned to pay attention to the smallest details, those that can bring joy to the clients and that extra special something to even a simple dinner party. One of Mario's big advantages, that he is extremely careful when it comes to selecting ingredients.

His goal - besides building long-lasting relations with his clients - is to bring attention to the importance of organic products and healthy eating habits. 

He is currently studying more regarding nutrition and food science.

"I believe in a constant motion forward, with innovative ideas and new available information." - Mario

Moni Leipniker

Moni Leipniker has a diploma in Economic and Business Management. After she completed her studies she worked for a short period of time in her study field, before traveling around the world and entering the hospitality industry. She started as an assistant waitress on the biggest cruise ship on the world, and there she learned all the basics of the 5 star service and even more.

Over the years, Moni earned numerous certificates in silver service, in knowledge of wine, as well as a Gastronomy Certificate from the Swiss School of Gastronomy. She worked as a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry for more than five years, and has managed luxury chalets and villas in the Swiss Alps, St. Tropez..."Our reputation has been built by providing caring, personalized service and first-class cuisine with passion, creativity, and flexibility." - Moni