Healthy isn't a goal, it's a way of living!

What is a diet?

The truth is, that most of us think diet is some kind of weight loss process, but in nutrition diet is the amount and type of food consumed by a person. Dieting however, is the feeding behavior, and it can focus on weight loss, healing or even weight gain. Human diets can be very different from one another, it changes ethnically, demographically, geographically and religiously. Plus, there are trends and economic factors.

Is there any diet that fits everyone? Which diet is the best?

As we are very different from one another, there are no diet would fit for all of us, yet there are diets which can give us the basic, then with a little study we can personalize them.

The best is to consult a nutritionist, or to attend a nutrition course.

There are two types of diets:
1. the diets based on science, helping human health, good lifestyle
2. trend diets, not based on science, usually promising fast weight loss

As a chef and nutritionist, I would say to everyone, please stay away from the diets in the second group! These diets usually triggering some kind of starvation mode in our body. As a result, our metabolic rate will slow down, our body tries to save our energy reserves, which is the fat and we will lose fluids with important nutrients and muscle tissue.

If you make any diet from the first group to your lifestyle, you won't have a problem with weight, but also you will be healthier and happier. That's what I know for sure!



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